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Friday, 9 October 2020

Gardens of Earthly Delights

 Many thanks to Geoff Mathews for inspiring me to come up with a title to work towards. 

Welcome to "Gardens of Earthly Delights" 

I can see I will have to do some research into Bosch. 

In the meantime here's a few pic's shot on my iPhone...

Stone rabbit on a wall

Imitation blackbirds in a Christmas tree


Wanted poster for crow

Fenced in garden


Posh garden

Hegde train

Saturday, 15 August 2020


Why am I doing this, there must be more important things to photograph? With the world the way it is; pandemic, wars, Trump, Tory buffoons, Labour's self-harming, poverty, environmental disaster - and I choose this! I guess everyone elses focus is on the bigger issues so perhaps that should be reason enough. Then again, I wonder what these images say about the bigger issues? Why should I care? In the grand scheme does it really matter when the human race gets wiped out, tomorrow or a million years. It's inevitable that it will happen one day. Perhaps it's a fatalistic view that drives me to photograph the inconsequential, the bizarre, and the seemingly unimportant. Perhaps that's what living in Lincolnshire is... I need a drink!

Scarecrow woman

Scarecrow woman

Garden with gnomes

Meet the creator of these marvelous objects. Maybe it's the need to escape reality that drives us to create our own worlds. I could be generalising but, one thing I notice about gardens such as these is that the creators are always friendly, they have a love of nature and often a greater understanding of nature than most people. 

Kitchen sink with plants

A sink used as a convenient receptacle for plant cuttings complete with its own water supply and drainage. Or perhaps an unwittingly created metaphor for life... I definitely need that drink?

Monday, 10 August 2020

Next Chapter

Pixie house

It might have something to do with my father's gardening style that I have a fascination for the eccentric.The only photo I have of his garden is the pixie house that he built in the 1980s. 

I think it must be in the blood, a kind of exhibitionist gene maybe. Though I feel no need to turn my garden into Dingly Dell I can see why people do it. 

I love the dedication to the task and the mad eccentricity of it all.

Perhaps this is my next chapter of Jerusalem! 

Though not in Lincolnshire the following pictures are of a garden in Nott's which deserves an honorary place as not only is it beautifully crazy it features the Red Arrows who are of course still in Linc's...
Picture of Red Arrows in garden
Picture of Red Arrows in garden

Garden beach diorama

Garden beach diorama

Eccentric garden

More gardens...

  A few gardens from previous chapters...

Windy ridge garden

policeman gnome

Polar bear ornament

Dogs in window

Union flag wellies

Animal ornaments

Flag in window

Patriotic flags in garden

Old chapel

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Tiny church

Since my exhibition at The Collection I have become a little lazy, floundering on which direction to take this project next. The coronovirus lock-down has spurred me on to do the opposite and get out more, especially now the weather is on the turn. The one thing you can do in Lincolnshire is get away from people. I went for a walk near Apley whose church has to be one of smallest and quaintest in the county.
  Apley church

Thursday, 31 October 2019

North West

I have finally got around to covering North Lincolnshire, west of the River Trent...

Wind farm - NW Lincolnshire
Looking toward Goole Fields this area is probably more sparsely populated than the fens. Apparently, ideal for land based wind farms and horses.

Roadside attraction - NW Lincolnshire
I have photographed similar attempts by land owners all over Lincolnshire to capitalise on the 'fun farm' - There's not a lot else to do round here unless you like shooting things.

Roadside attraction - NW Lincolnshire

John Wesley - Epworth
I love the location of John Wesley's statue in Epworth. No grand plinth in the town square, this location is fitting given his views though, I guess the idea of being idolised at all would be anathema.

Owston Ferry
In Owston Ferry, there is a feeling of desolation and the sense of a faded community that existed before the television, mobile phones and the internet. I actually like what is has become, melancholic, a place that has forgotten what it is. The phone box has no phone inside it. What was the 'Albion Hall'? Who was Frances Sandres, she gifted the clock tower in 1866? Modern tractors hauling potatoes roar through the square at the same speed as cars, not a single soul on the street. Who knows, with global warming we may have to start thinking more locally again and perhaps these former community areas will be revitalised with markets and other social activities... in my dreams perhaps!

Thursday, 22 August 2019

More dereliction

The Plough at Potterhanworth Booths now itself as nostalgic as the technology it displays.

...and more garages, this is starting to get a bit like trainspotting!

The Blitz

The Blitz tearoom - Mablethorpe

In these divisive times we look back with nostalgia for when things were simpler, when the nation apparently pulled together as one. Are we in danger of mythologising the past and forgetting the reality? Why do we want to relive the blitz? Europeans remember the war with respect and try to honor those who died with peace and unification. We also remember with great respect but with one difference. We also consider ourselves the victors and it seems that the nostalgia of victory and our island/siege mentality contributes to a warped sense us and them. Perhaps it is because no one in Europe considered themselves to have won the war (they all lost), that to prevent any further occurrence of war they built a new political system, opened up their borders and even shared a common currency. None of this is perfect and things on this scale take time to achieve. Perhaps it is time to for us to heal rather than pick at old mythologised scabs. Solemnly respect those who gave so much for us and remember with humility rather than jingoism.

Thursday, 1 August 2019