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Tuesday 21 December 2021

MOVED - read me!

 I have moved this blog to my main website 

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Because Google in their infinite wisdom er, greed, decided that all visitors now have to sign in with a Google account.











Friday 17 December 2021

At the beach again

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Sand patterns

Sand patterns

Sand patterns

Sand patterns

Sand patterns

Monday 27 September 2021

Wednesday 28 July 2021

We own the beaches!

OK, Lincolnshire does not have the prettiest seaside towns but you can not deny that we have biggest beaches. 

I went for a beach walk the other day and found myself with about five miles of beach all to myself. I could not see another living soul to the horizon. This at a time when Cornwall is sinking under the weight of staycationers. 

So, I went skinny-dipping. Those who know me well will not be surprised at this. The sun was shining, the water was astonishingly Mediterranean and I had the beach to myself - or so I thought!

There I was paddling away when a head popped up beside me. It looked straight at me in a curious way, it was a seal and her two chums. There I was swimming naked with three seals. No pictures, sorry!


If you are wondering whether it was dangerous and a little foolhardy to do this, it probably wasn't too bad. It's out of the breeding season and the big males were most likely away on their own. If you find yourself in a similar situation never approach the seals. If they are curious let them come to you only if they want to and don't be tempted to interact with them in any way. You should never swim solo (ooops!) in any open water and never if you are not a competent swimmer. 

Here are some older pics from Donna Nook.

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Oasis in Time

 Oasis in time caravan park


 Even in the post-recession, post-covid, post-whatever world, there will always be an Engerrrland.

St George's flag at The Midge Inn

Before I started this project The Midge Inn had my favorite pub sign of all time. It depicted a beautifully illustrated mosquito wearing a top hat and tails with a walking cane in hand, He was bowing and doffing his hat. Sadly today, for most village and roadside pubs the future looks bleaker than ever.