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Thursday, 22 August 2019

More dereliction

The Plough at Potterhanworth Booths now itself as nostalgic as the technology it displays.

...and more garages, this is starting to get a bit like trainspotting!

The Blitz

In these divisive times we look back with nostalgia for when things were simpler, when the nation apparently pulled together as one. Are we in danger of mythologising the past and forgetting the reality? Why do we want to relive the blitz? Europeans remember the war with respect and try to honor those who died with peace and unification. We also remember with great respect but with one difference. We also consider ourselves the victors and it seems that the nostalgia of victory and our island/siege mentality contributes to a warped sense us and them. Perhaps it is because no one in Europe considered themselves to have won the war (they all lost), that to prevent any further occurrence of war they built a new political system, opened up their borders and even shared a common currency. None of this is perfect and things on this scale take time to achieve. Perhaps it is time to for us to heal rather than pick at old mythologised scabs. Solemnly respect those who gave so much for us and remember with humility rather than jingoism.

The Blitz tearoom - Mablethorpe

Thursday, 1 August 2019


Typhoons scrambling at RAF Conningsby.

Typhoons scrambling at RAF Conningsby

Sneaky polar bear

Polar bear

Polar bear


So it looks like I have another Jerusalem spin-off simmering away in the background.

The rise in MPG and reliability of modern cars has spelled disaster for a lot of rural garages. Tie this in with the current trend for electric vehicles and these garages will soon be contributing to the demise of rural communities in the same way as the near extinction of post offices, schools, pubs, village shops and chapels.