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Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Oasis in Time

 Oasis in time caravan park


 Even in the post-recession, post-covid, post-whatever world, there will always be an Engerrrland.

St George's flag at The Midge Inn

Before I started this project The Midge Inn had my favorite pub sign of all time. It depicted a beautifully illustrated mosquito wearing a top hat and tails with a walking cane in hand, He was bowing and doffing his hat. Sadly today, for most village and roadside pubs the future looks bleaker than ever. 

Tractor Trail

In the village of Belchford farmers and enthusiasts proudly showing off their tractors old and new with a drive past. There were about 50 tractors but unfortunately not very photographable as you only saw a few at a time as they went past. 

Belchford tractor trail

Belchford tractor trail