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Saturday, 15 August 2020


Why am I doing this, there must be more important things to photograph? With the world the way it is; pandemic, wars, Trump, Tory buffoons, Labour's self-harming, poverty, environmental disaster - and I choose this! I guess everyone elses focus is on the bigger issues so perhaps that should be reason enough. Then again, I wonder what these images say about the bigger issues? Why should I care? In the grand scheme does it really matter when the human race gets wiped out, tomorrow or a million years. It's inevitable that it will happen one day. Perhaps it's a fatalistic view that drives me to photograph the inconsequential, the bizarre, and the seemingly unimportant. Perhaps that's what living in Lincolnshire is... I need a drink!

Scarecrow woman

Scarecrow woman

Garden with gnomes

Meet the creator of these marvelous objects. Maybe it's the need to escape reality that drives us to create our own worlds. I could be generalising but, one thing I notice about gardens such as these is that the creators are always friendly, they have a love of nature and often a greater understanding of nature than most people. 

Kitchen sink with plants

A sink used as a convenient receptacle for plant cuttings complete with its own water supply and drainage. Or perhaps an unwittingly created metaphor for life... I definitely need that drink?

Monday, 10 August 2020

Next Chapter

Pixie house

It might have something to do with my father's gardening style that I have a fascination for the eccentric.The only photo I have of his garden is the pixie house that he built in the 1980s. 

I think it must be in the blood, a kind of exhibitionist gene maybe. Though I feel no need to turn my garden into Dingly Dell I can see why people do it. 

I love the dedication to the task and the mad eccentricity of it all.

Perhaps this is my next chapter of Jerusalem! 

Though not in Lincolnshire the following pictures are of a garden in Nott's which deserves an honorary place as not only is it beautifully crazy it features the Red Arrows who are of course still in Linc's...
Picture of Red Arrows in garden
Picture of Red Arrows in garden

Garden beach diorama

Garden beach diorama

Eccentric garden

More gardens...

  A few gardens from previous chapters...

Windy ridge garden

policeman gnome

Polar bear ornament

Dogs in window

Union flag wellies

Animal ornaments

Flag in window

Patriotic flags in garden

Old chapel