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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

In the RAW!

 iOS has updated and the iPhone 12 Pro Max now saves to RAW files in Adobe DNG format - woohooo! But, massive file sizes, way bigger than Nikon and it shows why Apple insist on processing the images in camera for HEIF and JPG. The RAW file shows that phone camera lenses really are rubbish. However, I don't mind either of these as at least it puts the processing in my hands rather than some jumped up dumb algorithm.

How I saved Bambi...

 ...or, why I will never be a great photographer.

I was out walking today when I noticed a commotion in the undergrowth. It was a young deer that was completely entangled in a wire fence. As I approached it started to panic, struggle and scream, I didn't know a deer could make that kind of a noise, it was a kind of loud high pitched squeal which echoed all around the woods. The poor thing was completely stuck and looked to be beyond help without the application of wire cutters. I thought about putting it out of it’s misery rather than leaving it to a lingering death or for the foxes later that night. I decided to at least try and release it first. I had to almost break its legs to get them free and then force it’s body through the tight hole that was constricting it, all the time it was kicking, terrified and screaming. Eventually, I managed to get it free and with only minor cuts it bounded off into the undergrowth and was gone without so much as a thankyou!

Later, on recollection I realised I had no photographs.