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Monday, 26 February 2018


Just browsing back through my archive and came across these 'signs of mortality'

Power cables

2b or not 2b


Monday, 19 February 2018

It's so bracing

North of Skegness in February.

Winthorpe beach
Winthorpe breakers

Lookout station Winthorpe beach
Lookout station and Derbyshire Miners Convalescent Home - Seathorpe

Seathorpe Fish and Chip shop
Fish and Chip shop - Seathorpe

Today's entertainment - Seathorpe
Live entertainment - Seathorpe

Hobbit holidays - Seathorpe
Hobbit holidays - Seathorpe

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Cottam Power Station

Cottam power station

I have never thought of the Trent valley power stations as being a blight on the landscape. Despite the pollution and their dominance they are a thing of beauty.

My father  (Cyril Goddard) was a site foreman on Cottam and High Marnham stations during their building in the 1960s. As you can see from the photo, health and safety weren't as much of an issue in those days, not even a safety-net!

I remember as a small child hearing him tell my mother that the workers were campaigning to senior management for the issue of safety hats for all workers. He does look good in a beret though.

Eat your heart out Lewis Hine ;-)

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Pretty pictures

More things that stick up into the air. I felt the need to take a spectacular image, the kind of attention grabbing image that photographers take to impress upon their viewers their 'unique talents'. Not something I am normally bothered about as I am more interested in the landscape itself, rather than flattering it!

So, I got up at about 5.00am and drove into the Wolds with the idea of photographing the Belmont TV transmitter at sunrise in the frosty landscape. The idea being that as the sun came over the horizon it would catch the mast before the landscape and light it up like a giant gleaming pole. Yeah, didn't happen! Unfortunately the sky was reflecting too much light down onto the landscape before it directly hit the mast itself. I'll leave the pretty pictures to others from now on.

Still, it was a beautiful thing to hike out there in the pitch darkness and frost (very, very cold) and watch the dawn break.

Belmont Transmitter at sunrise

Friday, 12 January 2018

Happy New Year

As it's the time of year for reflection and new starts, I've been thinking (please, no jokes). Re-reading my original statement about this project. I need to redefine what I am doing so, this is my first text only post.

Jerusalem as a  project was only ever loosely defined, it's more a bunch of ramblings, both physically in the landscape and in the mind. I have only ever had a vague notion of where I was going with it but, does it really matter?

A continuing theme of my landscape projects over the years has been borderlands (see: The Wash, Confused Landscape, True Stories ). The areas of landscape that are between one place and another.

Coastal areas have always interested me so this might be the project for 2018. Photographing the Lincolnshire coast in greater detail would continue the trend and integrate with the larger Lincolnshire theme.


Is it the ugliest telegraph pole ever or the most beautiful?

Telegraph pole - Ruskington


Echoing the landscape! Unfortunately, I can not attribute the artist as there was no label.

Harby - disused railway cycle route

Friday, 10 November 2017

Seal pups

It's not the time of year for birth and new life to begin unless, you are seal.


Sleaford seems to have a better class of graffiti.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island
Fantasy Island, Ingoldmells. Yes, another reference to brexit!

Bohemian Promenade
Bohemia Promenade, Sutton-on-Sea.

Shrimp fishernan
Shrimp fisherman, Sutton-on-Sea.