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Sunday, 26 May 2019


What will become of rural garages if cars go electric? Will they go the same way as rural churches, pubs and post offices? Could be the next phase of the Jerusalem project...

Irby Filling Station

Jane Wright has an exhibition of internal views of abandoned buildings at Harding House Gallery, Lincoln, 25th May - 14th July

The green grass

The green green grass of home - ever wondered where your turf came from?

Turf fields - Laughton Woods

Monday, 15 April 2019

More Graffiti

Graffiti on the disused Fledborough viaduct.

Interesting facts - the viaduct has 59 arches and took nine million bricks to build. Perhaps I'll get around to photographing it sometime!

Graffiti - Europe will not fall

Graffiti - Atheism is unstoppable

Art at a crossroads

In these troubled times of austerity it looks like art is at a crossroads!

If you haven't done so already please visit the SLUG website to save the Usher Gallery

Art sign for Ingham Art Group exhibition

New transport

So, during this project I've driven about 4,000 miles, walked about 500 miles and now I am happy to announce my new transport mode - about 40 miles so far...

My bike in front of graffiti

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Mavis Enderby

Just paid a visit to my old friend Mavis Enderby. For those who aren't aware she is one of Lincolnshire's famous celebrity villages. Her friends include Boothby Graffoe (obviously), Kirkby Underwood, Claxby Plukacre, Hutton Fenside, Tumby Woodside, Friskney Eaudyke, Bicker Gauntlet (he's a bit fighty!) Gosberton Cheal and many more. I might get round to a full list one day. In the meantime...

Notice board - Mavis Enderby

Old tree - Mavis Enderby
I don't usually do archaeological stuff but it was down the road from Mavis. Old Bollingbroke Castle. Birth place of Henry IV, who'd have thought it!

Old Bollingbroke Castle

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Patriotic Wellies

Where else would you find patriotic wellies other than the village of Jerusalem

Wellies with Union Flag

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Thorpe-le-Fallows 2018

This is a companion story to the preceding post (see below).

Today is 100 years since the end of the First World War. I decided to go my local war memorial at Thorpe-le-Fallows for the 11 o'clock dedication. I was the only one there. On the ground were wreaths that must have been laid years ago - I felt shame!


With no wreath to lay, in an act of sentimentality I placed my buttonhole on the gate chain.



At five minutes to eleven a lone *RAF Sergeant straddled the fence and walked across the field toward me. I started to well up and could hardly speak. We had a short conversation and at 11 o'clock he recited the dedication from memory.


Next week I am going to go and tidy up around the memorial...

*The Western Front Association is a national educational charity whose aim is to educate the public about the Great War. Volunteers also help to maintain memorials and send out representatives on occasions such as this. If you would like to help find out more about WFA here.

Thorpe-le-Fallows 2010

This is an old story which I re-publish as today (11/11/2018) it is poignant...

There used to be a church in Thorpe-le-Fallows but it is long gone. It is the smallest of villages in the middle of nowhere. Inaccessibly hidden out of view in a field is a somewhat forgotten memorial to the local men who fell in the First World War. In 2010 the Western Front Association restored the memorial and held a re-dedication ceremony.

Thorpe-le-Fallows memorial

Thorpe-le-Fallows memorial

Thorpe-le-Fallows memorial

Thorpe-le-Fallows memorial

Thorpe-le-Fallows memorial

Thorpe-le-Fallows memorial

Thorpe-le-Fallows memorial

Thorpe-le-Fallows memorial

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Stenigot dishes

If anyone wants to see the Stenigot communication dishes which featured prominently at the start of this project and on the cover of the book it might be a little late. They have been chopped up for scrap.

Locals are fuming that this landmark has vanished. Makes me wonder if they would be accepting of planning permission to erect new ones?

The Lincolnshire Echo covered the story though I think they might have got their communications crossed. I'm fairly sure that they are tropospheric communication dishes and not radar dishes.

Stenigot comms dish

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